Day 103

Okay… am I the problem? .. or is it the world against me? – maybe .. or maybe not! .. maybe neither! .. Who knows?! .. Sometimes I think that the reason why I get so uptight and stressed is because I think others are out there to get me. I know it sounds silly but it’s the foundation of me taking things ‘personally’. Also note that since I am affected by Graves Disease – this mentality is quite a common symptom. And it’s annoying too because it affects my life, my work, my social life, and also in my relationships and friendships.

Today was a very busy day at work and I felt overworked once again – trying to juggle multiple tasks at once and trying to keep up with my high standard and perfection in my tasks as well as sharing my knowledge to help my lovely coworkers – also making sure they understand what I am explaining too!! Sometimes I think I care too much or take work too seriously but honestly I can’t help it – most of the times I am a driven workaholic and on my bad days it’s still up to standard (I hope) but my point is; how do I learn to let loose and let go?
I have tried listening to music, drawing, reading and doing more work – in between my work routine to keep off the edge; sometimes it works and sometimes it fails but generally I am trying my best to improve myself at work I just hope it’s worth it and at least appreciated.

Any way, here is a list of my happy things that cheer me up:
– Listening to good music
– Sitting in the sunshine
– Slowing down my breathing
– Going to sleep (hahaha)
– Drinking a breakfast smoothie – even though it has enough carbs and sugar for my whole days supply! (it’s a naughty treat)

So yeah, on the positive side I am fully functional to enjoy the list above – so why the hell do I complain so much?!?! >_< I annoy myself sometimes lolol!~

Well.. I am off to do some research on my next YouTube tutorial – fun times!!!~

Have a Happy Hump night!

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